Annual Cyber Range Exercise

2013 Po’oihe Cyber Range Exercise


Location: Campus Center Ballroom at UH Manoa
Team Signup: Team Form

Building on the success of collegiate level cyber defense competitions and cyber defense exercises with the University of Hawaii, and the Department of Defense, we are producing the Po′oihe Cyber Defense Exercise, with events August 2nd-4th.  The exercise is designed to bring practitioners in industry and government together with students to practice cybersecurity event response, mitigation, and strategy. By having practitioners from industry, government, and students from local colleges and universities we are able to foster a diverse team setting that helps promote communication, leadership, and relationships. This is increasingly important as every sector attempts to handle growing cybersecurity threats, the task of reporting events, and determining what resources are available from government agencies for additional help.

With the idea of helping protect local critical infrastructure from cyber threats, teams within the National Guard called “Computer Network Defender or (CND Team)” and Air Guard Hunter Groups have been created. The role of the 21st century minuteman now includes helping defend resources throughout the state for cyber threats through CND and Hunter Teams and they will be working alongside practitioners and infrastructure owners in this event.

By participating in a scenario game environment, participants reinforce practical skills and build relationships with other practitioners in their area. Participants for the Po′oihe Cyber Defense Exercise will be given a scenario of critical infrastructure in a business setting to defend as a “Blue Team” while other professionals from government, industry, and students from Universities Computing and Software Systems will attack the infrastructure as a “Red Team.” The goal of this exercise is to encourage proper Information Assurance and Cybersecurity practices and provide a learning forum for participants.

This will be a great event and we look forward to having your participation!


University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Air & Army National Guard



Google Map to Campus Center Ballroom @ University of Hawaii Manoa:

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